Investments are exposed to many risks namely business risk, credit risk, market risk and country risk and geographical risk. Majority of the risk associated with the investments are controllable in nature. The investor can reduce or control the degree of risk to an acceptable level by applying various investment techniques and pre investment research.

Dealing in capital market without knowledge and research may result in loss of money. In order to serve our valued clients, our research team continuous monitor companies, scrips sectors, macro economic environment to facilitate literate investment decision making of the investors and to minimize loss which may be caused due to any hidden factors.

Our research mainly focuses on the performance review of the companies including review of business & financial models, review of historical trends as well as estimation of future earnings and fair- values, performance review of the sectors in which those companies are operating, performance review of the stock exchange of Pakistan as well as of the region and the review of geo political changes at national and international level.

To regularly up date our clients we issue following reports;

  • Daily Reports
  • FDM Knock (Morning)
  • FDM Knock (Closing)
  • Weekly Reports
  • Scrip wise Reports
  • Sector wise Report
  • Economic Reports